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Facts about Malawi, Welcome!

Apart from the legendary Malawian friendliness, what captures you first about this vivid country is its geographical diversity. Slicing through the landscape in a trough formed by the Great Rift Valley is Africa’s third-largest...

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International Jazz Festival

 The Cape Town International Jazz Festival started in 2000 as part of the North Sea Jazz Festival. This was part of an arrangement that came about as a result of the partnership between espAfrika (a South African events management company) and Mojo Concerts BV,...

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Tour in the Holy Land: The Birth Place of Jesus Christ

The Holy Land is where it all started; the lands into which Abraham first walked from Ur, the land which God promised to Abraham and his descendants. Monotheism started here and this is where Isaac, Jacob, Sara and Lea lived. This is the land all armies and nations...

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